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petak, 12. listopada 2007.

Are You Looking For The Best Family Vacation?

It is always hard an also fun to travel with family (just look Chevy Chase movies), and to find "all inclusive family vacation resorts», because very few places are offering a great vacation spots for a whole family...they are all saying that they do, but they don’t, always something is not right, as you already know by now! If you decide to do it , you have to check whole list of questions that you should ask yourself before you go! I have a family and I made mistakes couple of times and I just want to give you some advice and tips for some usual mistakes that I did:

1. You need to consult whole family for the idea where to go,
2. If you go by plane check at least one month before if there are air tickets available ,
3. Don’t leave your pet, dog or a cat alone at your house,
4: Check in some agencies if they have a "family vacation pack or packages", and check if they offer an temporary accident insurance, or a family travel insurance(this is important)
5.D not plan very cheep family vacation because your family will notice that,
6. Try to organize an "adventure travel" ,your kids will love it
7. When you are giving money for it, don’t think negativ,consider it as investing money in long-term in your life quality and family....
8. If you have a camper take your family on a long road trip
9. If you decide to travel by train be shore that the trip will not last to long because everyone gets me
10. If you want to know which is the best destination for your family trip, talk with them but make shore that they don’t know why are you asking them dose questions...
11. If you consider to surprise your family with the cruise travel pick a good it will be nice cruise holiday for all...
12. For some good vacation spots you can look for in magazines , and your whole family will have lots of fun...
The idea of good vacation is to have fun and relax, so maybe these tips will help you ,maybe not, but the good thing is that you just now are searching something good for you an your family and hopefully you will find something... good luck!!!!

srijeda, 3. listopada 2007.

Tips for Airline Travel on Your Luxury Travel Vacation

Most travelers on luxury vacations will eventually, at some point, end up on a plane. For many, the experience of flying is a harrowing one and often seen as the downside of traveling anywhere. But flying does not have to be such a painful experience. Thanks to electronic ticketing, most of the once painful processes are a thing of the past. Lost or stolen paper tickets and long check-in waits, are no longer a necessary part of air travel. Here are some tips that will make your flying experience as smooth as possible by taking advantage of these progressive steps in travel technology.
Using an E Ticket
Whether you’re flying to board your cruise ship for your luxury world cruise or to end a guided tour, e-tickets are the new way to fly. An e-ticket is an electronic ticket storage note that is held on the airline’s computer. This means that all you need is a photo ID to board instead of a paper ticket. The e-ticket can't get lost, forgotten or stolen, and your travel plans can be changed without the need to print and receive a new ticket. This is usually the best and easiest way to travel aboard airlines. Always ask for an e-ticket if one is not offered.
Online Check-In
You can simplify the airline check-in procedure during your luxury travel vacation by checking-in online. Although not all airlines offer this service, travelers should find out if it’s available and take advantage of it. You can check-in online at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight. There are a number of benefits to checking-in online. These advantages include the chance to select your preferred seat in advance, get your frequent flyer mileage added to your account and inform the airline how many bags you will be checking. Being able to do all of this before you arrive will save you time at the airport. Most of the time, you will be able to print your boarding pass. If not, write down all the information given to you at the end of the online check-in process. Plus, the airline will usually provide a special boarding pass lane for those who have already checked-in online.
These new airline procedures were invented to consolidate the ticketing process. In the past, airline tickets were a huge hassle to both travel agents and travelers alike, the electronic or e-ticket system has eased the difficult process. Online check-ins have made obtaining your boarding pass simple, saving you time and the airlines money. These new protocols are making your
luxury vacations much smoother.

Cruises Feature Destinations All Over the World

When you think of cruises, you may think of the Caribbean or perhaps Alaska, the two most popular cruise destinations for U.S. travelers. (European travelers often cruise in the Mediterranean, which is another popular destination.)
While these destinations are exotic enough for many folks (hey, I'd be happy to cruise just about anywhere since the experience itself offers so much), they represent only a small portion of the areas you can find cruises to.
Have you ever dreamed of visiting Australia and New Zealand? What about Southeast Asia? Perhaps Antarctica? South America? The South Pacific? Eastern Canada and New England? Hawaii? Scandinavia? The British Isles? Eastern Siberia? The fjords of Greenland? Morocco?
Guess what? You can find cruises that visit all those destinations--and more!
The variety of cities and countries where ships stop is one reason cruise vacations are so popular.You can visit many, many ports in the world, and cruises let you see more than one (often many more) per trip. And perhaps the biggest perk is that you only have to unpack once.In the early days, cruises tended to be most popular with the retired and the wealthy. While many of those folks still enjoy cruising today, there really are no stereotypes about your average cruiser any more.
There are cruises that are great for families with children, others that cater go couples, some with special events for singles or gay and lesbian passengers, some that are perfect for active adventurers, and some that are low-key and cater to those who just want to relax.
While demographics vary from ship to ship, there really are cruises for any kind of person who's looking to see the world and have a good time.
If you're not sure you want, try one of the mainstream lines. They are known for having a Vegas vibe, where there are entertainment options for just about everyone. If you prefer peace and relaxation to constant entertainment, choose a small ship or a luxury line.

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visit london and explore all attractions

London is among the most famous cities in the whole world. Millions of tourists flock to it every year, but most of them are not able to explore the entire city and witness its grandeur. Thus many visitors return to London during several vacations to relish more of its wonderful attractions. If you are yet to see this beautiful city, or if you have already went there but still want to see more of what it can offer, consider visiting the following attractions that will truly make your visit unforgettable:

1. The Tower of London - one of the most important sites in the great city. Consider yourself not being in London if you have not been to this attraction. This medieval fortress houses the world famous Crown Jewels. It is also known as a prison and execution sites of many of England's historical icons including Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, and the Duke of Norfolk.

2. The Tower Bridge - this drawbridge serves as the easternmost entry of Thames. It also has a museum which allows tourists to walk along the old pedestrian paths to have a great view of the city. It is a must see for any London vacation.

3. The London Eye - this is one of the newest attractions in the city, created by the British Airways. It is a giant Ferris Wheel that sports 32 closed capsules that allow people to have a 360-degree view of the great historical city. A great theme park, this can make a vacation fun for any age.

4. Westminster Abbey - this famous religious site is known for being the venue for many coronations of English monarchs as well as their burial. It boasts of great architecture that exemplifies the style of the 13th and 16th centuries.

5. The British Museum - an art and history museum. This attraction is home to one of the world's largest collections of antiquities from ancient Rome, Greece, and Asia. It also houses artifacts from prehistoric and ancient Britain.

6. The Buckingham Palace - you probably know this as the home of the British Royal Family. Be sure not to miss the changing of the guards, which is one of London's iconic attractions.

7. The Houses of Parliament - this site combines three attractions in one. It is the location of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, and the Big Ben, which is probably the most recognizable attraction in the city. It exemplifies great gothic architecture from the Victorian era.

8. The National Gallery - this gallery is home to a great collection of European paintings. The great thing about this attraction is that the entrance is free. The permanent collection encompasses paintings from 1250 to 1900 from Western Europe.

9. St. Paul's Cathedral - this historic site has been the venue of many notable events such as the funeral of Winston Churchill and the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales. It is an architectural masterpiece rebuilt by renowned Christopher Wren in 1710. This is also one of London's attractions that offers a great view of the city, with its 530-stair high gallery.

10. Shakespeare's Globe Theater - this theater is a reconstruction of the original Globe theater where several of Shakespeare's plays were first showcased. It is a replica of the original theater and is considered to be a historical site. A great site for a cultural vacation.

11. Trafalgar Square and the Admiralty Arch - this attraction is a monument honoring England's most respected maritime heroes. Its main feature is the statue of Lord Horatio Nelson that stands 145 feet high. It is also considered to be the centermost part of London. The Admiralty Arch, which is just across this landmark, was built in 1910.

12. Sir John Soane's Museum - this attraction is an exemplification of eccentric architecture. It features a unique and unusual combination of colors, curious perspectives, and a weird display of ornaments from different historical periods.13. Notting Hill - this very fashionable and trendy district has been popularized by a film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. It has a very characteristic and cozy feel of a small village.

There are many other great attractions in the great city of London. A few days of vacation in the city would not be enough to see them all. However that might be an excuse to keep on returning to this fabulous city over and over again - an ordeal that you probably would not mind.

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sometimes it is hard to book

It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t booked a hotel online nowadays. Thanks to hotel reservation services, you receive the added convenience of complete room photos and hotel tours, discount specials, and last-minute booking capabilities if you just find out you’re leaving on a business trip to LA tomorrow. But, before choosing an online hotel booking site, consider these pointers.

• Hotel Selection-If you’re booking ahead, look for a service that offers you the most extensive room listings on your designated travel dates. A search for a room in New York this fall on the website yielded hundreds of page results!

• Trip Cancellations-Make sure you know the site’s policy on reservation cancellations and refunds. Some services like allow you to cancel anytime in the event that ‘something suddenly came up.’

• Reviews-Look for a site that provides a plethora of reviews from customers with firsthand experience. Trip Advisor, for instance, boasts millions of personal recollections of dream hotel stays and nightmare visits alike.

• Room Photos & gives you 360-degree virtual tours, on top of photographs of standard rooms and suites. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you throw down the cash.

Whether you’re planning a weekend snowboarding trip in Denver this winter or wish to try out a local bed and breakfast, the best hotel booking services will make planning your stay a cinch. As always, book early and keep your eyes peeled for special room rates. It isn’t uncommon for a room at some five star stunner to last mere hours if it’s on sale. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save when booking online.